Post Game Reports -- Münchner Nachtraid (20. Dezember 2008)

Zu dem 5 km Protestmasch der Münchner Anonymous nahmen Anonymous aus Stuttgart, Hamburg und Freiburg teil. Route des Protestmarsches



Berichte aus dem Forum "Why We Protest"

Bericht aus Freiburg

Just left Irish Pub where after raid party was had. Missed HamburgFags there!!

This was most epic day in my Anon life until now. 15-20 Anons and people who joined as along demonstration way through central parts of Munich where marching from celeb-centre to org. Very windy day, rainy, but Anons will stay that. Three police cars joined march and pulled attention with funny blinking blue lights. Lots of people gave positive signs but decided to join us not now (maybe in summer?).

Only fail point was lack of Scilons. But they kindly asked how it was going when passing by Org later the evening.

Would do this again. Nao tired from 5km walking … preparing for anonymous dreams.

Bericht aus Stuttgart

some things we wanted to mention:

here u can see a very busy volunteer guy spreading out leaflets of way to happiness blabla… (incident rihan mentioned some posts before) we asked him some questions about scientology helping people with mental diseases and mentioned that he had a psychosis and scientology helped him… hard to believe, there was some foam around his mouth while telling that. he left us after we assured him to be happy already :)

Berichte aus Hamburg

Am 20. Dezember kamen Anonymous aus vielen Ecken Deutschlands zusammen um in München gegen Scientology zu demonstrieren. Anons aus Stuttgart, Hamburg und München trafen sich gegen 17 Uhr am Celebrity Center in der Landshuter Allee und marschierten über 5 km bis zur Scientology Zentrale bei der Münchner Freiheit.

Über die gesammte Strecke wurde mit Sprechchören, kleinen Reden und Musik auf die verbrecherische Organisation Scientology aufmerksam gemacht. Flyer wurden an viele interessierte Passanten verteilt und einige schlossen sich unserem Marsch spontan an.

Gegen 19 Uhr trafen wir gegenüber des Scientology Centers ein und demonstrierten noch eine Weile. Weitere Passanten nahmen Flyer an oder sprachen ihre Zustimmung zu unserer Demo aus.

the raid was great, mch walking arround but it was fun! next day moshek, mumbel zhopa and me did enturb a $ilon infront of the org, but somehow he didn't want to talk anymore with me after 5 minutes and some questios about Lrons dead son… and he didn't want to tellme if he is clear or above ot3. it was sad for him that te ppl who he gave his booklets about the way of happynes did gave them a few steps later to us and took our anon flyers instead XD.

btw i have a great time here in munic, thx to zhopa and moshek. we had a great breackfast at mosheks place with him and mumble from stuttgard. now i am hanging arround in a internet cafe while zhopa is in university (didn't wan to participate the 2nd lesson, one was enoug for me), and later today we will do some stuff with bigbigcool. hope mumble will post the pics of us annoying the $ilon.

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