September 29, 2021

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How to Ward Off Spoilers on Twitter

Hearing that there’s been some kind of eye-opening twist on WandaVision might make you anxious about logging into any kind of social media. We’ve already talked about a number of techniques you can use to avoid spoilers on social media, but here’s a new one to add to the mix: Hide Twitter Trends.

This aptly named Chrome extension does exactly what it suggests. Install it, and your Twitter home page will go from this:

Screenshot: David Murphy

To this:


Screenshot: David Murphy

That’s quite a purge of information—basically everything on the right-hand side of Twitter’s UI. However, it’ll help ensure that your Twitter UI stays as spoiler-free as possible, though it won’t do anything about your actual feed. For that, make sure you continue using our advice of muting keywords related to content that you don’t want to see. You can set these blocks permanently or for, say, 30 days from the current date, with the hopes that internet chatter about whatever spoiler-filled topic you’re concerned about dies down by then.

While Twitter Trends are generally pretty dull, I wouldn’t assume that you’ll be safe from spoilers by simply not looking at them. There have been instances where key moments in media are ruined by Twitter’s “helpful” feature though:

So, unfortunately, you’re going to want to mute keywords and have a browser extension installed—and, even then, hope that someone doesn’t fumble-fingers that “Dorth” Vader is Luke’s father. And, of course, if your media matters that much to you, perhaps staying off Twitter around key moments is for the best.

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