October 23, 2021

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The Distinction Between ‘Waterproof’ and ‘Water Resistant’

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When purchasing for electronics, outerwear, watches, or constructing supplies, you’ve in all probability observed that some merchandise are labeled “waterproof” whereas others are “water-resistant.” Whereas each supply higher safety from water than different gadgets, the 2 phrases don’t imply the identical factor.

In an article for BobVila.com, Tom Scalisi breaks down the distinction between one thing that’s “waterproof” versus “water-resistant,” and gives some suggestions for purchasing for each forms of gadgets.

Waterproof vs. water-resistant

First, the distinction between the 2 phrases. In response to Scalisi, waterproof gadgets are impervious to water—which means they’re utterly sealed or ultimately protected against the damaging results of water.

Water-proof merchandise, however, repel water and supply some stage of safety—however solely to a degree. “After a interval of publicity, or a certain quantity of strain, water will both soak the merchandise or seep by means of,” he writes. Listed here are a couple of examples of every class.


Right here’s the place it could get difficult. Scalisi says that some electronics producers market a specific product as being waterproof, however then specify that the safety solely lasts up to a sure level. So, sure: that makes them water-resistant, not waterproof. Right here’s how he explains these limitations:

No matter their advertising and marketing, all waterproof audio system, telephones, watches, and cameras function small seams from the meeting course of. Regardless of how tightly the items match or the kind of gaskets used, water will penetrate these cracks at a sure depth or stage of submersion. When the water strain exceeds the quantity of strain the seam can maintain again, within the water goes.

For that reason, these units have depth limits or scores. As an example, a digital watch may need 200 meters of water resistance. This implies it could theoretically deal with water strain at depths right down to 200 meters earlier than water can drive its method in.


If you happen to’re purchasing for a raincoat or different outside attire, you may need to go for one thing that may hold you dry. However once more, waterproof gadgets and water-resistant gadgets aren’t the identical—and so they every have fascinating qualities.

For instance, waterproof material affords the very best stage of safety from rain, snow, and the weather. However that additionally signifies that they’ll get stuffy and make you scorching and sweaty (which then leaves you moist, albeit not from the climate). And whereas water-resistant materials don’t hold you as dry within the rain, they’re extra breathable, so that you gained’t overheat and get too sweaty beneath them, Scalisi explains.

He additionally gives further info on the water safety to search for in constructing supplies, in addition to kitchen and loo flooring.

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