October 24, 2021

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Use Shaving Cream to Preserve Your Lavatory Mirror Fog-Free

Picture: ananichev sergei (Shutterstock)

Not everyone seems to be lucky sufficient to reside someplace with a toilet that has a robust exhaust fan—or any exhaust fan in any respect. Because of this getting out of the bathe feels such as you’re strolling out right into a steam room as a substitute of your personal lavatory.

However even when the steam dissipates, there’s an excellent probability that the mirror will nonetheless be foggy. And in case you’re doing one thing that requires the mirror—like brushing your enamel, combing your hair, or shaving—you’re confronted with having to wipe it down together with your hand or a towel (however that’s not best both, as a result of then the mirror is simply moist and streaky).

Because it seems, there’s a option to stop your mirror from fogging up, and it entails one thing that you could be have already got in your lavatory: Shaving cream. Right here’s what to know in regards to the family hack.

use shaving cream to maintain your lavatory mirror fog-free

The method is fairly simple. Begin by placing a comparatively small quantity of shaving cream on the mirror—the quantity you’d use of a cleansing product. (You aren’t truly shaving the mirror, so there’s no want for a thick layer.)

Then, merely wipe and buff the mirror till you’ll be able to see your self once more. The mirror is likely to be a bit of cloudier than ordinary, however it’s both that cloud, or giving the cloud of post-shower steam the possibility to fog up your mirror.

So why does this work? Shaving cream is a surfactant, that means that that helps stop water condensation particles from sticking to the glass of the mirror, in accordance with the Pleasanton Glass Co.

And the way lengthy is it efficient? This seems to rely on quite a lot of elements, together with the variety of showers happening within the lavatory, and whether or not you’re working with even a weak exhaust fan, versus no fan in any respect. However usually, the anti-fog safety can final wherever from a number of days to a few weeks.

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